There's nothing more forlorn than an empty, neglected book display. Im not sure if you are still updating this site but Feb. 17th 2021 is National I Read Canadian Day this will be the second year. Suite 500. "Space Place" on NASA's website. The club will meet every last Tuesday of the month. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful displays and ideas. I may have to steal National Pet Month such a great way to get those pet books circing. I think these photos and how tos would make a great ebook that you could market to libraries/librarians. The theme linked in with school values and recent staff professional learning and implementation of the URSTRONG program.. Please leave me a comment with your suggestions. Hello Lindsey, If you are interested, you can check out my books at saffronpress[dot]com The Garden of Peace is set amidst the historical backdrop of Vaisakh. Human rights are rights we inherently have simply due to our existence in this world regardless of nationality, sex, national/ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status. Display them with hay bales, dried cornstalks, and, of course, pumpkins. To sit and think of a display is really tricky in my opinion, as every time I try to make one I think that Im failing at it and not doing as well as other people do. I do have a Countdown to Vaisakhi printable available for teachers interested on my author site please feel free to reach out:). An alternate for this is OUTDOOR MEALS for picnics and grilling. Here's your month-by-month calendar. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES - books on writing about your life or childhood, memoirs of famous people and ordinary people. . You could also do a Decemberly display celebrating the author Ed Emberley. Create Monthly Displays The easiest way to get started with book displays in your school . Series of the Week (leave this display up all summer, just change the series each week) It's a good place to display the Black Stallion books one week, Nancy Drew another week, and so on. 3) Sign in or Register for an account with your Library Card. Add to cart. 1 April 2022. Here are a few more creative library book display ideas for January: National Hobby Month - Share books about various hobbies and sports. Continue the reading theme by observing International Literacy Day. Gets the thumbs up from this former school librarian :) Getting creative with the displays and seeing how well they did was always so much fun. As always it is a delight to gather resources for the displays and enjoy watching children and teachers look into . I think it was especially effective to feature ESL books prominently on the first floor, where library patrons could find them easily. Hurrah for libraries and education! It's true you have made me think of libraries differently. If a celebrity is in the news, put up an impromptu display about them and their career. My wife is a teacher, great advice for her to use. Check out this list of monthly events and celebrations to help with your program planning. and of course Thank You for the great ideas. Look for good-sized, eye-catching holiday or seasonal items. 2. 1 October - World Smile Day. Send me your link for a display or series of displays to be included in this listing. Click on the highlighted link above to see other historic events to feature. Browse book day 2023 library ideas resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources. I am just obsessed with books and libraries lately. Ann Hinds from So Cal on November 08, 2011: As the daughter of a librarian, I spent hours helping her setup displays and many of my wonderful memories are of being in the library. ), CHRISTMAS BAKING (put out all the cookie, pie, and cake books), DECEMBER HOLIDAYS (Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas in other countries), HOLIDAY PARTIES AND FEASTS (party planning books, party foods, holiday cookbooks), National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (on December 7th feature some books on a tabletop display about Pearl Harbor and World War II), Wright Brothers Day (December 17 set up a tabletop display about them and about the history of flight), LET IT SNOW (fiction books with the word snow or blizzard or winter in the title, books on winterizing the house, books about snowmen, skiing/skating/sledding books), Get Hooked on Books (use fishing gear to set the tone), Books Take You Anywhere (use a world map for the backdrop on this display). February is Library Lovers' Month! A website of the American Library Association Public Programs Office, Public Programs Office | 225 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1300, Chicago,IL60601 |, International Transgender Day of Visibility, ACRL Rare Books and Manuscripts Conference, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week. In this post, we've gathered some articles and activities from around the internet to help you find inspiration and new ideas to bring some extra love to your . Any newsworthy event gives you free hype for a display. Great job! Thanks so much for sharing! HURRAH FOR THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE - Get this in place before the 4th of July. I do spend quite a while in my local library and will pay more attention to the displays! The theme of this year's National Library Week, April 3-9, is "Connect with Your Library.". Fill it with books on losing weight, exercising, reducing stress, stop smoking and other common topics of New Year's resolutions. Fabulous book display resource page! Thanks a great big bunch for so much super information. This short video is perfect for running on a local TV channel. The Library and Information Association (LIASA) is celebrating South African Library Week (SALW) for the 20th time in 2022, with the theme ReImagine! This one is also MARAVILLOSO! Thankyou so much for sharing! What would you like to see added to this webpage? NATIONAL PIZZA MONTH - Display some pizza cookbooks, some Italian cookbooks and any fiction with pizza in the title, like Pete's a Pizza from the children's section. The staff cleverly placed cut-out figures of people cleaning around the books. ), construction, landscaping projects. Sign up to receive Check Your Shelf, the Librarian's One-Stop Shop For News, Book Lists, And More. Its an easy idea to help students share some love. Thank you for sharing this lens. I recommend changing displays monthly, so a topic like Hispanic Heritage Month works great for that. Blessed! Materials that have been made for these themes are available by clicking on the theme in the sidebar, or on the links below. There's a certain cachet to a book that someone else has just read. Hello thanks for this list! I use a Cricut to cut most of the letters, and I get most fonts from Font Squirrel. Libraries are places that connect users to technology, computers, books, multimedia content, programs, ideas and classes. I love our public library, one thing they do is show local artists work along with some of the local school students art work. So unfortunately things like National Donut Day didnt make the cut. Just added it in. Include books that celebrate America and patriotic themes. Ladybugs. Check with a local bookstore or Wal-Mart. In Canada, at least, I am sure many librarians and their staff would benefit from your lens. Hello I love you lens. Also show off books with purple, lavender or lilac in the title. You have some great information here, and lovely ideas. Because I loved working in the children's department an' read many, many of the children's books, that librarian did occasionally take my suggestions an' make smaller displays of books that I found to be remarkable. This vintage Valentine from my collection could be enlarged and words added next to it for your February display of books for Valentine's Day. We'll only have two days of school this week since it falls during Thanksgiving week. I do love the library though - it just smells so good. Monthly displays in the library. I love how you found a way to take the display one step further by helping the community. Read Woke is an idea created by Cicely Lewis, an amazing librarian who has created some amazing initiatives. Students have been intrigued, and it has done well as a display to show off books that have rarely or never been on display before. October is a time set aside for celebrating, promoting, and appreciating the global diversity of our society. Make sure the CHECK IT OUT shows at the top. This will help me out a lot! Here are 10 ideas to help you celebrate School Library Month and connect with students, educators and parents: 1. Visit us at the Roseland Regional Library . (History's great hoaxes and practical jokes) Women's History Month Anniversary of the Titanic Sinking It's PURPLE Book Day (or Week)- include books with purple covers or cover designs with lots of purple in it. You can add this page to your favorites or pin it on your Pinterest board. "pride display at local library" by u/katrinaevening. This time its not to promote books but to simply allow students to say nice things about their teachers. GET READY FOR GARDENING (books on pruning, planning the vegetable garden, spring flowers, landscaping), APRIL SHOWERS - READ FOR HOURS (leisure reading of any kind), SHAPE UP FOR SUMMER (feature books on exercise, outdoor activities like biking, swimming, hiking), HAVE A HOPPY EASTER (use an Easter Bunny graphic and feature children's books on Easter, bunnies, chicks, Easter crafts and throw in some spring titles if you run low on the others), GET READY FOR EARTH DAY (show off books about conservation, ecology, green living, save the earth). The sign could say MONEY MATTERS or MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR MONEY or DOLLARS AND SENSE. I hunt for ones that are reasonably flat for easy storage. Eye-catching book arrangements will draw the interest of your students and might just hook your readers on a new book. Using hashtags like #LibraryDisplays can be just one way to find some great ideas to keep library displays going in your school or public library space. ), Chinese New Year book display (shared by Sharon Moore), Another display by Sharon Moore - Books and Bordeaux (books about wine). Use your plexiglass sign stand to put your sign in and presto, instant display. This display has been very popular with students. Will you be updating your list and sharing? The Children Who Loved Books. Chase away the winter blahs with these colorful January Library Display Posters! If the budget won't stretch to buy one of these, check with the Friends of the Library or a special donor. Thanks again! There are many non-fiction books available about Vaisakhi but it is often included in books about the faith identity. Welcome to Woodbury Branch's monthly LEGO Club! SPORTS AND FITNESS MONTH (feature books about aerobics, weightlifting, biking, hiking, and all sorts of sports), STAFF FAVORITES (get everyone on the staff to pull 2 or 3 books that they liked and put them in this display). Aug 10, 2022 - Explore Rose Humphreys's board "Library theme ideas" on Pinterest. Kirkus Reviews' 10 Fun Summer Books With Black Protagonists. Our school library closed last year, so I try to keep teens interested in reading with my classroom library. QUILTS ON DISPLAY! Beautiful Blackbird Children's Book Festival. For example, October 14 National Dessert Day. stock the display with these), PLAN YOUR VACATION (travel tip books, destinations, traveling with children, pets, handicapped), LOOKING FORWARD TO SUMMER FUN (books on swimming, golf, nature, crafts, children's activities, and gardening if you don't have a separate display on that), NATIONAL HOME IMPROVEMENT MONTH (show off books on home repairs, decorating, decluttering, landscaping, home projects, adding storage), BOOKS TO MAKE YOU LOL (humorous stories or joke books), FRACTURED FAIRY TALES FOR GROWN-UPS (retellings of classic fairy tales in adult fiction), HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW - (this can be vegetable and flower gardening), AFTER GRADUATION - (advice books for young adults on finding jobs, learning to budget, independent living), DADS ARE SPECIAL (books about fatherhood, biographies written about a dad, parenting books about being a good father), JUNE IS NATIONAL ROSE MONTH (books on growing roses and flower arranging, stretch it a little with fiction books with "rose" in the title), AUDIOBOOK MONTH (feature all your audiobooks), To capitalize on a big name author, have a display that changes each month. Welcome your students back with a new library display 16 Dec, 2020 While many of us are winding down for the year, school library staff are already planning their exciting new library displays to welcome students back for 2021, especially those schools that have been in extended lock-down during 2020. I'm grateful for the care and hard work that librarians put into choosing, cataloging, maintaining, and displaying these works so that we can all share ideas and be exposed to new ones. Knowing library budgets, I'm sure they prefer having the info here for free. Send a photograph of the winning entries to the local newspaper. Required fields are marked *. Here is a quick list of library displays, divided by months! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Do you know if its the same day every year? Glad to hear it is helpful. We celebrated National Underwear Day (August) by having an underwear drive for area homeless shelters. Freedom, Equality, Diversity, Pride Words Have Power Love (LGBT) Romance at the Library Blind Date with a Book African American History Timeline March: St. Patrick's Day Women's History Month April: Thanks so much for sharing so many wonderful library display ideas. The library is, and always has been, one of my favorite places in the world. Virginia Allain (author) from Central Florida on July 10, 2013: @hkhollands: I'm really sorry to hear that the school library closed. Visit us at the Roseland Regional Library to see these amazing quilts. Debbie from England on February 07, 2011: Some of the schools I go into have the most disgusting, untidy, libraries. ReDiscover.Libraries! Neat Lens! I actually like dogs better than cats so I cant believe I missed it . Add to Wishlist. Now I know who to blame when I get a pile so big I can barely carry them and am still grabbing books from displays as I walk to the checkout desk, lol :D. 2023 The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers on this website. awesome job--you put a lot of work in to putting this together, This lens is full of helpful tips and information. Alternate slogans: AROUND THE WORLD IN A BOOK, LET'S TRAVEL, BOOKS TRANSPORT YOU TO FAR AWAY PLACES, NATIONAL QUILTING MONTH (books about quilting and patchwork projects) or PIECE BY PIECE. By using Twitter and Instagram, I feel you can find some pretty amazing library displays ideas that wont take up too much time or kill your budget. With 160+ students a day and lots of papers to grade, it's difficult to find the time to create displays and rotate titles. Thanks for the great lesson. Linux (/ l i n k s / LEE-nuuks or / l n k s / LIN-uuks) is a family of open-source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. Thank you for signing up! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. I like your lens, I enjoyed reading it. Doing displays on video games or memes can be tricky. That is great that you have shared your knowledge of libraries. Definitely makes one more likely to pick up a book. For Immediate Release August 29, 2019 . Fill the display with authors similar to the featured author. Ive recently started working in school libraries and I was struggling to fill the display table, so this was incredibly helpful. Follow up with It's RED Book Day, and so on. Alternate title: SCHOOL DAYS, CREATIVE COSTUMES (books on making costumes, include ones from the theater section and make-up area), SPOOKY READING (horror stories by authors like Stephen King, John Saul, etc., check for short stories too), HALLOWEEN IS COMING (include books on carving pumpkins, planning Halloween parties, decorating for Halloween, and setting up a haunted house), FALL READING (any fiction with autumn or fall in the title, you can mix in some harvest books on canning/jelly making, making scarecrows, New England foliage travel books or photo books), TEEN READ WEEK In mid-October. Then I run into the article on about the most amazing libraries in the world and here we go, I am secretly dreaming about becoming a librarian. I absolutely love your lenses! sukkran trichy from Trichy/Tamil Nadu on February 21, 2011: movies, radios, televisions and other means of entertainment which also have some instructive value tend to decrease the importance of books and divert our attention from them.
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